Huffington Post College News Section Launches, In Debt

On Monday morning, The Huffington Post’s College section launched amid great hype and an introduction by the blog’s namesake.

In the words of Arianna Huffington, the section “features blog posts from students, professors, and academics on all things collegiate- from the high-minded to the just-for-fun- as well as the great issues of the day. . . . My years at university were among the most stimulating- and challenging- of my life. They utterly transformed me, and created the opportunities that shaped the rest of my life.   That once-in-a-lifetime blend of stimulation and challenge, risk and reward, promise and uncertainty, the intellectual and the playful- all served up with a heaping helping of youthful vigor- is what animates HuffPost College.”

Along with spotlighting news from more than 60 campus newspapers nationwide (a number co-founder Leah Finnegan hopes will reach 90 soon enough), the most invigorating, innovative feature on day one was an original report on undergraduate and graduate student debt.  The presentation includes a set of blog posts and intimate videos from indebted students talking about the financial challenges they have faced since joining higher ed.

My first impression of the section: Kind of exciting.  It is an eclectic page, providing a nice mishmash of important and lighthearted stories, while faithfully linking back to the original student sites that provided them.  The presentation style is more homespun and personal, similar to the rest of HuffPost, achieving a reader connection that former top student news aggregator UWIRE never quite mustered on its main site.  It should be a nice traffic driver for the campus paper Web sites.  Ultimately, it proves once again that student journalism content is just as timely and original as the work produced by the professional press.

As Finnegan wrote in her introductory post, “Suffice it to say that college newsrooms are special places. Reading our partners’ papers, I’m not worried about the future of journalism. Rest assured it exists, en masse, typing away on college campuses around the country. And it’s here at HuffPost College that you’ll get to see a lot more of it.”

Full disclosure: I am listed on the section’s blogroll.

4 Responses to “Huffington Post College News Section Launches, In Debt”
  1. Davis says:

    Two things… the traffic bump HuffPo provides has already been significant, and it’s not limited to just newspapers… they invited at least one blog too!

  2. hgondo says:

    The college section looks great! Very exciting! I noticed several blogs listed. I’m wondering what the “traffic bump” looks like, number-wise.

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