Georgetown Voice Helps Start High-Profile Snowball Fight

When is a snowball fight also a social media revolution? On a wintry day in Washington D.C., one ambitious George Washington University undergraduate employed Twitter and The Georgetown Voice student newsmagazine to help spread the word about a snowy battle “that would eventually be referenced in one way or another by the Washington Post, LA […]

Syracuse University Dining Halls Now Open to All Servings of the Student Press

The dining halls at Syracuse University are at long last deliciously free of student press censorship.  A report in the SU’s Daily Orange (via Paper Trails) confirms the reversal of a long-held policy by the school’s Food Services allowing distribution of only the Orange in student dining halls.  Food Services staffers did not have a problem with competing pubs, […]

Exclusive: Optimist Editor at Abilene Christian University Explains the Paper’s iPad Plan

The Optimist student newspaper at Abilene Christian University can be consumed in print, online, via iPhone, iPod touch, and soon enough . . . on the iPad.  Student staffers and an ACU faculty and staff support team are optimistic that the paper will be the first iPad-friendly student publication. — As MacNewsWorld reports, “Designing a […]

Racial Slur Leads to Student Media Funding Freeze at UCSD

A “racial state of emergency” has been declared and funding for all school-supported student media has been frozen at the University of California, San Diego in the immediate aftermath of a racist campus event coupled with a televised racist slur. — Late last week, the editor of the Koala, a controversial UCSD student humor newspaper […]

Huffington Post College News Section Launches, In Debt

On Monday morning, The Huffington Post’s College section launched amid great hype and an introduction by the blog’s namesake. — In the words of Arianna Huffington, the section “features blog posts from students, professors, and academics on all things collegiate- from the high-minded to the just-for-fun- as well as the great issues of the day. […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Josh Shannon, The Review, University of Delaware

In Josh Shannon’s words: “I wanted to be a journalist long before I ever knew I wanted to be a journalist.” Starting in his childhood, he has saved newspapers from historic moments in contemporary history (including presidential elections and the start of the Iraq War) and his own journalism history (including reporting clips) — leaving one […]

Showdown at the Blacksburg Corral: Virginia Tech, The Collegiate Times, and Anonymous Online Comments, Part 3

The battle at Virginia Tech over the student newspaper’s allowance of anonymous online comments is far from over.  (Read past posts on this story here and here.)  The tactics now in play- an increasingly dubious blame game, pulled advertising, and, ironically, “professional mediation.” — The latest Roanoke Times report (please read, it will make your […]

CoPress, We Hardly Knew Ye: Web Service Shutting Down

College media’s backbone has cracked.  CoPress, the student-run Web hosting service and all-purpose journalism think-tank, has folded a bit more than a year after its much-heralded arrival within collegemediatopia. — — In the closure announcement posted on its site earlier this week, founder Daniel Bachhuber writes with elegance and appreciable candor about the realities of […]

Student Newspaper Wins Open Records Victory, a Year After Request

A settlement has been reached: At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, what was once redacted will now be set free. — A yearlong legal fight between the UWM Post and the school over the release of a specific set of university records has ended with a big student press victory, the SPLC and others have confirmed. […]

Daily Nexus Fights for Access, Uncovers Possible Misconduct

The Daily Nexus at the University of California, Santa Barbara is mounting a significant call-to-arms for open meetings while simultaneously investigating high-profile student government misconduct.  As Nexus editor in chief Mackenzie Weinger put it, “Overall, it’s been a highly interesting time to be a student journalist at UCSB.” — The basics: Late last month, the […]

Update: No Funding Cuts for Collegiate Times After All

First, the threats.  Next, the bad press.  Now, the retreat.  After a quick burst of mostly negative media attention nationwide and the specter of a brewing legal battle, Virginia Tech officials are backing down from their earlier call for funding cuts to the Collegiate Times student newspaper. — As the Roanoke Times reports, “Virginia Tech will […]

Virginia Tech May Cut Collegiate Times Funding Due to Paper’s Online Comments Policy (?!)

Administrators at Virginia Tech are threatening to cut the funding of The Collegiate Times student newspaper and other campus media due to their distaste for the paper’s allowance of anonymous comments following stories posted online. — As the Roanoke Times reports, the university’s Commission on Student Affairs is declaring that the paper’s failure to oversee and […]

Updated: Duke, North Carolina Rivalry: On the Court, Online, in Print

Update: Huge thanks to Sara Gregory at the Daily Tar Heel for providing the following clarification on this post: — “I don’t think ESPN should have linked to when talking about what the Chronicle does rivalry-wise. The Daily Tar Hole Web site is different from the Daily Tar Hole spoof the Duke Chronicle does […]

HackCollege Interviews Onward State Editors at Penn State (Nickelback Not Amused)

I recently came across an interesting audio interview featuring Davis Shaver and Evan Kalikow, two of the undergrad gurus behind Penn State University’s “unruly news blog” Onward State.  For those who might forget, the pair and their PSU new(s) media machine earned a prominent shout-out in a mid-January Chronicle of Higher Ed. piece.  The lead: […]

In the Spotlight: Cameron Henderson, Publisher, Northwestern Art Review

Eight Northwestern University students. A “cheap pizza joint.” Spirited conversation about a shared love of art and architecture. An idea for a publication whose aim would be nothing less than to “provide a forum for greater exchange among an expanding community of students who devote their time to studying, thinking and writing about art.”  The Northwestern […]