What Pay Walls, Meter Schemes Mean for College Media

Amid the gravity-defying hype centered on all-things-iPad (it really won’t have a USB port??), a more important journalistic drumbeat continues to sound.  As Rupert Murdoch, Steven Brill, and most recently the New York Times have confirmed: Pay walls or metered pricing systems for online news content will soon be coming to a high-profile Web site frequented by you.

As I write in a new piece for MediaShift, the implications for the news industry and Internet as a whole are enormous. For college media specifically, meters and walls could be a veritable game changer, a final helium burst in their rise to professional press-level prominence- provided, of course, they turn them down.

The new “walledoffedness” culture coming to online news media provides student outlets with a unique opportunity to grow their Web readership.  My argument is that to attain this growth a few time-tested news-editorial approaches may need to be reconfigured and a commitment to a free, easily accessible Web site should be confirmed.  To read the full piece, click here.

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