What Pay Walls, Meter Schemes Mean for College Media

Amid the gravity-defying hype centered on all-things-iPad (it really won’t have a USB port??), a more important journalistic drumbeat continues to sound.  As Rupert Murdoch, Steven Brill, and most recently the New York Times have confirmed: Pay walls or metered pricing systems for online news content will soon be coming to a high-profile Web site […]

Student Newspaper Column Delivers High-Profile Criticism of Airport Prank

Student press power vaulted onto the national stage in recent days through a campus newspaper column recounting a student’s run-in with a horrifically insensitive airport prankster. — In a piece for The Michigan Daily headlined “Tsk, Tsk, TSA,” University of Michigan student and “expert traveler” Rebecca Solomon describes a routine run through the security screening at […]

Student Newspaper Cartoon Mixes Sex, Haiti, Controversy

It comes in threes. The Independent Florida Alligator at the University of Florida is apologizing for the recent publication of a sexually-themed cartoon caricaturing the world’s Haiti charity fervor. It is the third high-profile cartoon controversy within collegemediatopia in about a week. — For Notre Dame’s Observer, it was charges of blatant gay bashing. For […]

Another Student Press Comic Mess Erupts in Michigan

Although muted on a national level amid the Notre Dame Observer furor, another student press comic mess has been playing out in Michigan. A four-panel strip run in a recent issue of The Delta Collegiate at Delta College has critics crying racism. — The comic (below) presents a string of gentlemen greeting a visitor to […]

Print Journalism Track Converged in New UNLV Curriculum

The end may be near for print journalism, the professional field and the academic major.  The Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies at UNLV is the latest j-school or program to announce a curricular reshuffle that includes an ink-stained goodbye to the print journalism concentration. — What used to be four tracks (print […]

Student Blogs “Determined to Reinvent College Journalism”

The still relatively new batch of online student outlets with new media sense and underground sensibilities have been dubbed nothing less than full-blown “blogging fraternities.”  A new Chronicle of Higher Education feature declares that the “national wave of student-run Web outfits [are] determined to reinvent college journalism. . . . Readers devour these sites. College officials […]

Notre Dame Observer Faces Outrage Over ‘Anti-Gay’ Comic

The editorial board of The Notre Dame Observer has profusely apologized and the paper’s assistant managing editor has stepped down after the recent publication of a “cruel and hateful” comic strip. A staff editorial calls the incident a “low point in [the paper’s] almost 50-year history.” — — — According to an Irish Central report […]

Free Press Fights Continue in Los Angeles, Illinois

Spring semester is now upon us, and a new set of free press fights are in bloom.  First up: The Student Press Law Center has penned, signed, and sent a smackdown of a letter to the president of Los Angeles City College, outlining an array of dismaying administrative tactics aimed at controlling content in the […]

Best College Media Quotes, Fall 2009

This is the sixth installment of a multi-post glimpse back at the highlights and lowlights of fall 2009 in collegemediatopia. — Best College Media Quotes “Besides being illegal, heavy-handed control of college student publications is widely recognized both as unethical and as an unsound educational practice that deprives students of valuable learning opportunities. . . […]

College Media Sex Scandals, Fall 2009

This is the fifth installment of a multi-post glimpse back at the highlights and lowlights of fall 2009 in collegemediatopia. — Sex Scandal Award: Towerlight, Towson University The Towerlight at Towson University was in serious flux last October because of Lux, the pseudonymous writer behind the sex column “The Bed Post.” The column divided the newspaper’s […]

Harvard TV Titan Talks About Conan, Tonight Show Mess

As the Leno-Conan-Tonight-Show saga intensifies, I decided to get the perspective of a campus broadcast titan. Derek Flanzraich is founder and former president of HUTV (Harvard Undergraduate Television), meaning he has geographical ties to both men (Leno is from Andover, O’Brien from Brookline) and the Conan academic connection (O’Brien’s a Harvard alum). — — Below Flanzraich […]

In the Spotlight: College Fashion Founder Zephyr Basine

Zephyr Basine is a candy fiend who considers vanilla cupcakes (with extra frosting) manna from heaven and Sour Patch Kids fit to rule the world. She is also “a fan of fearless style” whose name has become synonymous with College Fashion. — Basine started CF as a personal blog while an undergrad at UMASS Amherst, […]

Huffington Post to Launch College News Section in February

BIG NEWS within collegemediatopia: The Huffington Post will launch a college news section in the middle of next month, according to several trusted sources. The section’s foundation will be news pulled with permission from established U.S. student media outlets, most prominently college newspapers. — The idea is basically UWIRE without the content sharing: It’s a high-profile, one-stop […]

College Media Overblown Holocaust Award, Fall 2009

This is the fourth installment of a multi-post glimpse back at the highlights and lowlights of fall 2009 in collegemediatopia. — Overblown Holocaust Award: Harvard Crimson In what its editors called “a logistical failure not a philosophical one,” the Harvard Crimson ran a Holocaust denial ad in a single print edition early last semester. It was a production snafu […]

Biggest College Media Villain, Fall 2009

This is the third installment of a multi-post glimpse back at the highlights and lowlights of fall 2009 in collegemediatopia. — Biggest College Media Villain: Bobby Hauck, University of Montana Last semester, University of Montana football coach Bobby Hauck (who recently accepted a job at UNLV) threw a prolonged temper tantrum aimed directly at the student press. […]