NIU Campus Police Chief Comes Away Clean from Crazy Interview with Student Newspaper

The fallout from the strangest interview conducted within collegemediatopia this year is finally over, nearly four full months after it first played out.  As I previously posted, the alternately combative and heroic Northern Illinois University campus police chief had been accused by the Northern Star student newspaper editor of descending into madness during a three hour interview with the paper in August.

As the Northwest Herald reports, the editor, Justin Weaver, said that the police chief Donald Grady “yelled at him for nearly three hours, accused him of ruining the career of a patrol officer who had recently resigned and at one point offered the possibility of future employment if the Northern Star would write a story that painted the resigned officer in a favorable light. Grady also implied that the student could face personal or professional negative implications if he didn’t write the story.”

In a more general sense, according to a Star editorial that blatantly called for his dismissal: “Stories of Grady screaming and being described by those on the receiving end of the tirades as ‘crazed’ and having ‘lost it’ are growing horrifically commonplace among university employees from all walks of campus. One official even described him as ‘not fit to be a police officer.'”

However, a panel has reviewed all charges and “found no evidence of misconduct or inappropriate actions,” leading NIU to immediately reinstate Grady to his post.  The police beat now becomes even tougher for dedicated Star staffers.  To Justin Weaver, stay strong. And if you approach Grady in the near future, bring flowers- and an always-on digital voice recorder.

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