Student Journalists/Programmers: “Reservoir Dogs of the Profession”

They are not students.  They are not journalists.  They are not programmers. They are student journalists/programmers.  (Really enunciate the term ‘slash’ for full effect.)  In an interesting new piece for MediaShift, Megan Taylor profiles a half dozen students who have melded the journalism and programming languages into a workable personal model that university media programs and the industry still need to more greatly embrace and adopt.

Taylor: “For the most part, journalism education has not caught up with the innovations taking place in the industry. Many programs don’t offer more than an introduction to working with the web, so some students have to teach themselves.” Taylor compares these students to the Reservoir Dogs from the eponymous Tarantino film, in part for displaying a background or characteristics one would not expect.  The general similarities shared by most or all of the six: They are self-taught programmers. They are NOT journalism majors.  And they have a connection with CoPress.

Their last names should be familiar to anyone who has followed all-things collegemediatopia over the past year: Cutler. Sun. Spittle. Davis. Dunn. And of course, Bachhuber.  Stay tuned for my exclusive quick Q&A with Bachhuber tomorrow…

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