University of California Campus Newspapers Editorialize (Mostly) Against Student Fees Hike

Along with providing top-notch coverage of the outcry over the recent student fees increase within the University of California system, UC campus newspapers are also fighting back in editorials.  Below is a rundown of a few standout pieces at student papers throughout the state.

Daily Californian: “The Last Straw”

“What the regents clearly don’t see is the human cost of their decisions. . . . Their decisions govern the everyday lives of students, faculty and staff at the university- yet without a campus and with separate careers, the regents rarely interact with those who are most affected by their decisions.  They see numbers, percentages and a bottom line. They don’t know the middle-class students who will be forced to drop out because they can’t afford to pay more than $10,000 in fees per year. They don’t know the members of underrepresented communities, who, fazed by sticker shock, will assume the university is out of their reach.

Daily Nexus: “UC Needs Alternative to Ever-Increasing Fees”

“Students feel disproportionately targeted by the UC’s hikes and cuts, shouldering a large share of the budget shortfall as fees rise and services disappear. Moreover, there is no indication whether these adjustments will suffice or if further painful steps will be necessary. The UC student of tomorrow will pay more to receive less.”

Daily Bruin: “Potential mid-year fee hike unfair”

Next year will mark the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the California Master Plan for Higher Education.  The statewide plan articulates the mission of public education: to keep higher education in California affordable and achievable for everyone. Nearly half a century later, the particulars of the plan are no longer applicable to a public education system that has changed drastically since the document’s inception. For instance, the plan has no standardized policy for setting student fees, so increases are inconsistent and unpredictable.”

Ricardo Martinez, Daily Nexus

Guardian: “We’ve Got the Momentum— Let’s Run With It”

The thing about the UC Board of Regents is that no matter how violent a protest gets or how dramatic a scene it are confronted with, it remain completely unaffected. At the end of the day, a few hundred people storming around with cardboard signs is a relatively small inconvenience. Local newspapers will run a couple of stories. . . . But soon the hype will pass, and everything will go back to normal.  Until next year, that is, when the board decides to raise fees yet again. And that right there is the heart of the problem. This whole unfortunate charade is an unending cycle.”

A Guardian editorial illustration accompanying a related piece. (UC San Diego)

A different take… City on a Hill Press: “Misinformed Enthusiasm”

“I’m sitting in lecture on Wednesday, trying to get the education that I’m paying over $8,000 per quarter to receive, and in barge five students, faces painted, wielding signs that warn of 32 percent fee hikes and shouting at the students before them. Through a megaphone, they declare that our student fees are going to construction projects instead of to our education, and that UC President Mark Yudof enjoys a $900,000 annual salary while we struggle to make ends meet.  Not quite.”

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  1. With fees hikes more and more people are finding hard to attend colleges.
    This play part in why we are going to be less competitive globally.

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