Fairfield Student Newspaper Faces Harassment Charge

The student newspaper at Fairfield University is being charged with harassment by the school’s student conduct board for a satirical sex column published in late September- the first time this charge has been levied against an organization instead of an individual at FU.

A Boston Herald report: “The controversy erupted over a satirical column in the Sept. 30 edition of The Mirror that poked fun at female students who agree to one-night stands. The ‘He Said’ column described a female’s ‘walk of shame’ leaving a male’s dorm, and used words like ‘pounding’ and ‘hood rat’ to talk guys through the morning after consensual sex. Copies of the columns were ripped from copies of the newspaper by more than two dozen students who protested outside the paper office in the student center.”

My take: The newspaper hosted a campus forum to allow students to air grievances. An apology was issued. A lesson was learned. It is time to move on. Do not harass an independent student journalism entity that has been operating with ink-stained excellence for decades, providing a mirror to all-things-Fairfield.  What type of reflection does this send out to the world?

Frank LoMonte, executive director of the Student Press Law Center: “It’s incredibly dangerous to start using the mechanism of a school disciplinary policy to resolve a disagreement over a student editor’s judgments.”

Mirror story, with links to related pieces

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