Exclusive Interview with College News Network Founders

Ryan Dunn and Dave Hendricks are the co-founders of college media’s very own CNN. College News Network is a nationwide student press content-sharing service that the Ohio University duo launched very recently in the wake of UWIRE’s sudden disappearance. — The talented Scrippsters graciously chatted with CMM about the the basic gist of their service, […]

A Note of Thanks to USC, Annenberg for ‘& Journalism’

During this time of thanks, I want to offer a sincere thank you to the University of Southern California. In early October, USC announced that its Annenberg School for Communication was being renamed the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. — In this era of uber-uncertainty and declining professional prospects within the industry, the school’s […]

Report: Journalism Should Be Embedded Within “Very DNA of American Higher Education”

Journalism education will not only survive but should be embedded into “the very DNA of American higher education,” according to an Ohio State University law professor. — As reported in a new Lantern piece, the prof’s vision of modern j-education includes “train[ing] people from all walks of life to deal with the enormous amount of […]

University of California Campus Newspapers Editorialize (Mostly) Against Student Fees Hike

Along with providing top-notch coverage of the outcry over the recent student fees increase within the University of California system, UC campus newspapers are also fighting back in editorials.  Below is a rundown of a few standout pieces at student papers throughout the state. — Daily Californian: “The Last Straw” “What the regents clearly don’t […]

Northwestern Innocence Project Sparks Journalism Debate

In case you have been stuck on no-journalism-allowed island recently: Past undergraduate journalism students at Northwestern University working on the famed Innocence Project have been accused of bribing witnesses and acting somewhat inappropriately while investigating a murder case that eventually set a wrongfully-convicted man free.  As the New York Times reports: Illinois prosecutors “said that during their three years of […]

College News Network: The New UWIRE?

It is the story of the student press so far in fall 2009: UWIRE’s vanishing act.  It happened without warning- and lots of questions remain.  What happened (and is happening) behind the scenes?  Is its MIA status temporary or long-term?  What does it mean for oft-shared-never-shy student press content previously featured and available for poaching on […]

Northern Kentucky Student Newspaper Drops Resistance Ad

The Northerner has apologized for running the Resistance. The Northern Kentucky University student newspaper issued a mea culpa for featuring an advertisement in two recent issues for Resistance Records, which sells “white supremacist music” (I’m putting that in quotes because I do not know and do not even want to know what that might entail). […]

“University-Based Reporting Could Keep Journalism Alive”

As the professional press compresses and its original content wanes, student journalism will rise to a place of uber-importance, a new Chronicle of Higher Education report confirms.  As the piece quotes a professor recently telling his journalism students, “We are surrounded by people who say that the world is coming to an end, but it is […]

Fairfield Student Newspaper Faces Harassment Charge

The student newspaper at Fairfield University is being charged with harassment by the school’s student conduct board for a satirical sex column published in late September- the first time this charge has been levied against an organization instead of an individual at FU. — A Boston Herald report: “The controversy erupted over a satirical column […]

Memphis Student Newspaper Copies “Absolutely” Trashed

Well, I will give her credit for clarity.  The sister of a University of Memphis student suspected of burning the rainbow flag outside the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center said she “absolutely” trashed hundreds- possibly thousands- of copies of the The Daily Helmsman that featured a story on her brother’s misdeeds. — But of course, […]

Northern Star Student Newspaper Calls for Removal of Campus Police Chief

Sometimes, the headline says it all: “NIU Police Chief Donald Grady needs to be removed from his position.” — The Northern Star, the student newspaper at Northern Illinois University, is publicly calling for the ouster of the campus police chief previously praised for his bravery during the shooting at the school last year. According to […]

Holocaust Satire Article Prompts Apology; Purdue Students on “Hotseat”

I have been sitting on a scattered mix of news items.  Some are current, some a bit dated.  Before all become stale, here are a few: — An article joking about the start of a new U.S.-based Holocaust that ran last month in a satirical newspaper put out by Reed College students has spurred criticism […]

Arizona Wildcat Editorials Demand Justice for Stolen News

The Arizona Daily Wildcat is rightfully demanding justice for the recent theft of 10,000 copies of the paper. In a pair of spirited editorials aimed at the alleged culprits (a campus fraternity) and those who did not do much to investigate it (campus police), Wildcat anger leaps off the Web page. — A portion of […]

CoPress Lands on Poynter, Becomes a Power-Player

Creative, innovative, entrepreneurial, collaborate, and cross-pollinate. Those are five of the many tech-drenched words a new Poynter piece uses to describe the impressive-beyond-belief CoPress. It is an online network of student journalists and Web junkies who are providing tips, tools, and entire online platforms for student media outlets (SMOs) looking to up their Web games. […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Jonathan Anderson, Ultimate College Press Freedom Fighter, UW-Milwaukee

Jonathan Anderson is a terrific journalist. He has the records to prove it– most of which he requested himself. Simply put, Anderson is the ultimate college press freedom fighter. He may not be Braveheart, but he’s the epitome of Mel Gibson’s famous scream. — As the student journo extraordinaire at the University Wisconsin-Milwaukee says, “The […]