Student Newspaper Has Scoop on Chicago Racism Incident

The Student Life at Washington University in St. Louis is using its student connections and new media savviness to cover the Chicago bar racism incident in-depth and from numerous angles. They have posted the insta-famous Rejected, Admitted photos and had their opening story on the alleged blow to Civil Rights picked up by HuffPo and a host of other national outlets.

Seniors Regis Murayi (left) and Jordan Roberts (right)wear the same pair of jeans. Murayi was told he could not enter a Chicago bar because he violated its ban on baggy jeans. He then switched jeans with Roberts, and Roberts was admitted into the bar. Murayi says the bar discriminated against him because he is black. (Courtesy of Fernando Cutz)

The newspaper has run a number of stories documenting the reactions of students and the school chancellor, along with covering a campus “town hall-style forum” addressing the incident’s implications.  I am especially impressed by the paper’s town hall live blog.  Most live blogs are utter crapola, attempting to capture too little, too soon (an Entertainment Weekly Oscar ceremony live blog earlier this year literally featured items such as “Tom Cruise walks to podium.”) The StudLife LB, by comparison, is perfectly spaced out.  It offered updates about every five minutes- enabling fully-formed sentences, context (even mini-headers), and some actual insight! Bravo.

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