College Media Blogger on the UWIRE Stoppage Situation

I am writing briefly basically to say hello, again. As my dozens of (family members) loyal readers might recall, I stopped updating this blog in mid-September, segueing to UWIRE’s “College Media Beat.” Earlier this month, without warning, UWIRE basically stopped functioning online.

As Seattle University’s Spectator blog reports, “The service’s Web site,, stopped updating its headlines and sending out its daily news digest e-mails [as of early-to-mid October] and now a visit to the site returns an error.” A statement from UWIRE’s general manager: “UWIRE has temporarily suspended its print wire operations. The company is in the process of trying to get the wire relaunched as quickly as possible and when more information is available it will be made public.”

The Spectator piece cites my previous interview with Joe Weasel, the CEO of, the company that purchased UWIRE back in March. Weasel told me at the time: “[W]e’re trying to find an outlet and find the mechanism whereby students can get even more engaged in not only print and text but digital journalism. We’re trying to get students as much exposure as possible…”

Many people have asked me for inside information on what is going down.  My answer: I have absolutely no idea. I’ve received only barebones info. What does this mean for College Media Beat? I also honestly have no clue. I’ve basically been told to hold off blogging for awhile and wait for final word on its status.  I am but a lowly blogger half a world away, so I do not know what is actually transpiring. My hope is something incredibly fantastic. What I can confirm: The staff with whom I have had the pleasure to interact are wonderful, hardworking, idealistic, and *truly* want what is best for student journalists and the faculty and advisers who love them.

My bottom line: I miss blogging about collegemediatopia, and lots has gone down in the last few weeks (thefts and censorship and even a high-profile football fight!). So I’m back here with CMM. Stay tuned.

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