Daily Cal: “Let’s Talk About Sex” & Student Press Freedom

In a recent editorial, the senior editorial board of The Daily Californian, the independent student newspaper at UC-Berkeley, tsk-tsked both parties involved in Towson University’s Towerlight sex column controversy. According to the write-up, student press freedom, not sex, was the real issue at stake in the “Bed Post” dispute- and the Towerlighteditor’s resignation and the Towson president’s financial threats undercut that freedom dramatically for the entire country to see.

One portion of the editorial stated:

Though the pressure on [the former top editor] must have been great, her decision to resign was a mistake. The Towerlight just achieved its independence last year . . . Her resignation, and the column’s discontinuation, demonstrate that the Towerlight, though nominally independent, won’t stand up to the administration in defense of its content.

But more than [the editor], [Towson president Robert] Caret is clearly in the wrong. . . . Caret ought to respect and value the independence of the Towerlight, even if he disagrees with its content. The newspaper is for the students, not the university president, and it’s unfair for him to attempt to impose his personal tastes and preference on an independent media outlet.

The Daily Cal has published the popular “Sex on Tuesday” column since the late 1990s. Separately, here is a newCampus Progress post outlining what it feels is the problem with student sex columns, in response to a Nation piece outlining their virtues.

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