College Media Year in Review, 2008-2009

“On a Sunday evening in early February, Daily Tar Heel staffers at the University of North Carolina were dealing with the usual stresses of a looming print deadline. And then the bomb dropped. Or at least the threat of one, which forced the evacuation of a few campus buildings, including the student union that houses the […]

Schools Fight Back!: James Madison Charges Student Journalists, Butler Sues Student Blogger

At James Madison University, it started with a peeping tom– an alleged creep watching girls in dorm showers. It’s now ending with administrative idiocy. A student reporter with The Breeze, JMU’s campus newspaper, went to a JMU dorm recently to speak with students about a reported shower stalker. An RA became nervous and asked the […]

Student Newspaper Has Scoop on Chicago Racism Incident

The Student Life at Washington University in St. Louis is using its student connections and new media savviness to cover the Chicago bar racism incident in-depth and from numerous angles. They have posted the insta-famous Rejected, Admitted photos and had their opening story on the alleged blow to Civil Rights picked up by HuffPo and […]

Story Idea: Student Newspaper Presents Editorial as Facebook News Feed

It is Student Life day here at CMM! I am not talking about undergraduates’ beyond-class campus experiences, but the scrappy student newspaper at Washington University in St. Louis.  The pub is currently soaking in the national spotlight for its fantastic coverage of a major event (more on that in a moment). — But on a […]

Montana Football Coach Bans Team from Speaking with Student Newspaper

University of Montana football coach Bobby Hauck is throwing a prolonged temper tantrum worthy of aimed directly at the student press. He is refusing to speak to The Montana Kaimin, the school’s student newspaper, and has instructed his team and staff to boycott the publication as well.  Why? Because, wait for it, the Kaimin […]

College Media Blogger on the UWIRE Stoppage Situation

I am writing briefly basically to say hello, again. As my dozens of (family members) loyal readers might recall, I stopped updating this blog in mid-September, segueing to UWIRE’s “College Media Beat.” Earlier this month, without warning, UWIRE basically stopped functioning online. — As Seattle University’s Spectator blog reports, “The service’s Web site,, stopped […]

Editor Reflects on Tough Student Government Coverage

In a reflective new post on her personal blog, Whit editor in chief Emily Kostic at Rowan University outlines her seesaw mentality toward the paper’s recent gung-ho coverage and editorializing about the school’s student government. — In her words: Over the past month, The Whit . . . has published several controversial stories about our Student Government Association. It […]

Daily Cal: “Let’s Talk About Sex” & Student Press Freedom

In a recent editorial, the senior editorial board of The Daily Californian, the independent student newspaper at UC-Berkeley, tsk-tsked both parties involved in Towson University’s Towerlight sex column controversy. According to the write-up, student press freedom, not sex, was the real issue at stake in the “Bed Post” dispute- and the Towerlighteditor’s resignation and the Towson president’s financial […]

Pulitzer Winner Robinson Reflects on Michigan Daily Days

In a new video clip, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winner for commentary, reflects on his Michigan Daily days.  According to Robinson, who served as a co-editor in chief of the paper 35 years ago: “I’ve always said The Michigan Daily is the best journalism education that anyone could ever have.  It was the […]

Sex Column Causes Editor to Quit; Opinion Column on Equality Stirs Up Trouble

Student editor resigns over sex column: The Towerlight at Towson University is in serious flux because of Lux, the pseudonymous writer behind the sex column “The Bed Post.” Recent columns have divided the editorial team, incensed the  university president, and is causing a media ruckus now that the editor in chief has quit (?!) in the […]

J-Student Spotlight: Bryan J. Roy, University of Arizona

(Check out original story on College Media Beat) — Bryan J. Roy is aglow against an early nighttime sky.  The University of Arizona student journalist’s name is the most prominent feature of the metropolitan-themed graphic header on his Web site.  The portfolio site is an ode to his numerous (and varied!) journalistic accomplishments.  The 20-year-old’s […]