Internship to Feature ‘American Idol’ Application Style

Bryan Murley, director of the Center for Innovation in College Mediarecently announced a second internship opportunity with CICM.  The application deadline is October 1st.  The potential responsibilities, in Murley’s words:

  • Podcast interviews with media movers and shakers.
  • Reviews of college media online initiatives.
  • Maps and databases of college media online sites.
  • Live video streams of conferences and/or interviews.
  • Round-ups of relevant new media writing.
  • And more.

The shake-up from last spring’s application process: All finalists will be featured on the CICM site and voted upon by the general j-populace.  It’s the we-think-wiki-wisdom-of-crowds approach!  Best of luck. :-)

One Response to “Internship to Feature ‘American Idol’ Application Style”
  1. Bryan Murley says:

    I should note that while everyone got to see and vote on the applications, the final decision rests with me. :)