Bulletin Bounced Due to California State Budget Cuts

The California budget mess has now sadly claimed a college media victim: The Bulletin, the student newspaper at California State University, Dominguez Hills. It has been axed, a victim not for its journalistic value but its costs.

Specifically, budget cuts throughout the CSU system have precipitated the Bulletin‘s disappearing act, leaving CSU Dominguez Hills as the only school within the system without a campus paper. According to one report: “University officials last spring had sought to cut $16.1 million from the school’s budget, much of which was made up through a 30 percent tuition hike and imposing unpaid staff furloughs on some Fridays and Mondays. Slashing the Bulletin saved the university $76,000 annually, which included printing costs, along with a part-time newspaper adviser, a layout artist and a journalist-in-residence who acted as a writing coach for the student staff.”

The Bulletin

Save the Bulletin options being bandied about include going online-only (right now, the Web site is just an online repository for the print edition), upping the advertising revenue, and switching from a paid outside layout staffer to a student team who will do it for free.

For now though, the campus newsstands stand empty, and talk about the newspaper is a mix of reflection and anticipation. The Bulletin adviser: “I can’t tell you how many success stories we’ve had with this paper.  Hopefully it’ll be back.”

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