New Journalism Class: From Breaking News to . . . Tweets?!

“The way you make yourself valuable on the Web is: you edit the [expletive] Web.” – Jay Rosen

So begins the syllabus for a new tweetastic, microblogerrific DePaul University journalism class that is all atwitter over Twitter, employing the site’s 140-character-at-a-time grab-bag of information as the centerpiece of a semester-long practicum on journalism investigations of the new media variety. The course title… “Digital Editing: From Breaking News to Tweets.”

Page 1 of "Breaking News to Tweets" syllabus

It is being taught by a digital intern at the Chicago Tribune who also operates Breaking Tweets, a “hyperlocal gone global” collator of citizens’ reactions to specific news events happening in specific places at specific points in time.

DePaul is citing the course as “cutting-edge” practice in the art of Web and citizen journalist news discovery and evaluation.  A separate report says “this one actually might eventually provide students some return on their precious tuition dollars.”  Others are less convinced about its value.  According to one commenter on Gawker: “The difference between a Twitter Professor/SEO ‘Expert’ and a Sandwich Maker is that sandwiches taste good, while being a professional instructing people on how to use self-evident technology tastes like bullsh*t. And costs more.”

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One Response to “New Journalism Class: From Breaking News to . . . Tweets?!”
  1. Love your equation, Dr. Reimold, and happy to read your review of this. Sums everything up nicely. There has been both positive and negative reactions to this course, as you cited, but overall I think it will be good practical experience for students in the digital space and will help increase their skill set and marketability.