College Media Matters: My (Not Really) Goodbye Post

COLLEGE MEDIA BEAT – — I have been passionate about college journalism since high school.  As a junior and senior, I treasured the visits I made with my father to campuses throughout greater Philadelphia and beyond.  There is simply *something* about a lively campus that puts a smile on my face and a giddy-up […]

Journalism Student Secretly Released After 2 Years in Prison

Warning: Do NOT study journalism in Afghanistan.  Or at least for now, if you do, keep your mouth shut.  Case in point: An Afghan journalism student was secretly freed earlier this month after spending nearly two YEARS in prison.  His crime: Speaking up in class “about women’s rights under Islam.” — Specifically, according to an […]

Online Campus Gossip Still Strong After Juicy Ran Dry

Reputations are once again no longer safe.  Facts are once again less than sacred.  Innuendo is once again in.  As The Chronicle of Higher Education recently reported, “They’re Back, and They’re Bad: Campus-Gossip Web Sites.” — While JuicyCampus, the equally loathed-and-loved “virtual campus grapevine,” shuttered its site in February, a few other entrants are happily enabling students […]

College Media Critiques: Meaningful or Just Mean-Spirited?

There are not many of us who blog regularly about college media en masse.  Yet, according to an intriguing recent Poynter piece, commentaries, critiques, and behind-the-scenes news of specific SMOs (student media outlets) are growing in blog-land (at least in the state in which the writer spent part of his higher ed. career).  The blogs’ […]

Internship to Feature ‘American Idol’ Application Style

Bryan Murley, director of the Center for Innovation in College Media, recently announced a second internship opportunity with CICM.  The application deadline is October 1st.  The potential responsibilities, in Murley’s words: — Podcast interviews with media movers and shakers. Reviews of college media online initiatives. Maps and databases of college media online sites. Live video streams of […]

Eco-Friendly Resolution May Force Student Newspaper to Drop Print Edition

The Shorthorn, the award-winning 90-year-old student newspaper at the University of Texas at Arlington, may cease to exist in print due to economic environmental concerns (?!).  It is true.  As the newspaper itself is reporting, the school’s student government “is researching a resolution recommending the university’s daily newspaper go online-only as a way to join ongoing […]

Holocaust Denial Ad in Harvard Crimson Causes Criticism

When I went to bed, it seemed like a highly regrettable minor production snafu. When I awoke, it had apparently become an international incident.  In case you’ve been stuck on no-journalism-allowed island in the last 48 hours: In what its editors are calling a mistake, The Harvard Crimson ran a Holocaust denial ad on page […]

Campus Newspaper Blog Shares Student’s Swine Flu Battle

I’ve seen blogs in my life- great blogs; middling blogs; blogs of towering mass appeal; blogs that make the phrase inconsequential irrelevance not sound redundant; blogs about exotic food, a person’s mood, a church bingo group, President Obama, Hello Kitty, and being a working mother. I have never come across a blog like this. — […]

“Encyclopedia of Journalism” Set to Debut at Month’s End

Six volumes.  Three thousand pages.  Roughly 350 signed entries.  Contributing scholars galore.  Launch date: late September 2009.  It is the Encyclopedia of Journalism, an everything-and-more look at news media then and now overseen by The George Washington University professor extraordinaire Christopher Sterling. — Sterling has been shepherding the project to fruition for more than four […]

Bulletin Bounced Due to California State Budget Cuts

The California budget mess has now sadly claimed a college media victim: The Bulletin, the student newspaper at California State University, Dominguez Hills. It has been axed, a victim not for its journalistic value but its costs. — Specifically, budget cuts throughout the CSU system have precipitated the Bulletin‘s disappearing act, leaving CSU Dominguez Hills […]

“Global Student Journalists”: Facebook for the College Press

The latest addition to the college media social networking scene: Global Student Journalists.  Billed as “an online meeting place for student journalists from around the world,” the site is aiming to be a universal Facebook for j-students.  Creator Anna Rodrigues is a former television news reporter and producer who now teaches journalism at Durham College in Canada. — […]

26-Year-Old Harvard Alum Named New Yorker Managing Editor

Journalism neophytes and dedicated students take heart, all hope is not lost. Yes, jobs may be shedding.  Predictions of demise may be looming.  As you talk about your journalism passions, your parents’ eyes may be rolling.  But with the right training, and a stint in Paris (OK, and a Harvard degree), you too might be […]

New Journalism Class: From Breaking News to . . . Tweets?!

“The way you make yourself valuable on the Web is: you edit the [expletive] Web.” – Jay Rosen — So begins the syllabus for a new tweetastic, microblogerrific DePaul University journalism class that is all atwitter over Twitter, employing the site’s 140-character-at-a-time grab-bag of information as the centerpiece of a semester-long practicum on journalism investigations […]

Student Newspaper Drops Rising Death Toll from Front Page

The new blog is happening- aiming for a post-Labor-Day debut.  In the meantime, a death toll is missing.  In a recent staff editorial, eds. at The Daily Toreador, the student newspaper at Texas Tech, announced that the paper will no longer publish a tally of soldiers killed in fighting in Iraq on its front page. […]