Vanderbilt University Launches Student Media Hall of Fame!

In roughly two months, Vanderbilt University in the great state of Tennessee will induct its first class into, wait for it, the Student Media Hall of Fame.

This is the first hall of fame of its kind that has come across my collegemediatopia radar (any others? Let me know!).  The inaugural class at VU will enjoy a Homecoming Weekend feting and a place in a permanent exhibit going up in the university’s student center.

Does this reek just a tiny bit of a rich alumni grab?  Yes.  The honorees were all part of the university’s student media, but in general it appears it is their post-grad accomplishments that have paved the way for their hall of fame status.  The hall of famers: ESPN’s Skip Bayless, Senator Lamar Alexander, Tribune Media Services ME Mary Elson, CNN’s Sam Feist, and noted humorist Roy Blount Jr.

My take: I love this.  And regardless of what individual universities want to do, there should also be a national student media hall of fame.  It should focus on those who truly distinguished themselves as student journalists, student media advisers, and even journalism professors or legal teams who assisted student media in historic fights in years’ past.

Would there be famous faces among the inductees?  Quite possibly!  In the U.S. alone, the following figures once toiled full-time or on a freelance basis with college media: Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Lady Bird Johnson, Hugh Hefner, Nike founder Phil Knight, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Peace Corps founder Sargent Shriver, and broadcasting legend Walter Cronkite.

2 Responses to “Vanderbilt University Launches Student Media Hall of Fame!”
  1. Mike says:

    The Alumni Association at Michigan State University’s The State News has been running a hall of fame since 2006. All the info is on the SNAA site at .

  2. Erin Balliew says:

    Thanks a lot for posting. It was a great read.