Louisville Student Newspaper Drowning- Not in Ideas

A flash flood has gutted the newsroom of The Cardinal, the University of Louisville’s standout student newspaper.  According to one report, the furniture, carpet, and lots of computers and high-tech equipment are soaked beyond repair.  The saddest loss: More than 30 years of Cardinal back issues.  (One more reason to digitize your archives!)

The weekly newspaper is housed in the basement of a campus building.  The university is kindly providing temporary digs so the 30-odd staffers can push out the first issue of the weekly on time once classes resume. Cardinal editor in chief Michael Kennedy, in words that ring all too true: “We should be all right, I mean, we will get the first issue out either way, but it definitely complicates things. You know, the first issue is always the hardest, and this makes it even harder.”

The most impressive part of the paper’s flood response: Staffers still managed to post a related story AND a pair of photo slideshows online!  Talk about dedication.

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