Three Alaska Journalism Students Will Soon See Iraq From Their House

A trio of students at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks- joined by UAF’s journalism department chair- will very soon be embedded in Iraq for a true reporting experience of a lifetime (for once, not an understatement).

The quartet will report for The Sun Star student newspaper and professional media outlets, along with getting personal with updates on a Facebook page and a blog called “Short Timers.” The group is on a $35,000 budget, including flights, equipment, and a $5,000 insurance policy.

The trip’s mantra:  Safety first.  As Editor & Publisher confirmed: “The students reportedly signed liability forms showing they understood the risk of death, kidnapping, and injury. University lawyers also insisted the students read articles about journalists kidnapped in Iraq, as well as reports about the death of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who was killed in Pakistan by members of Al-Qaeda. In terms of physical safety, the Army is provided the four embeds with free body armor.”

One of the j-students making the trip told The Chronicle of Higher Education: “It’s a war zone- it’s going to be dangerous.  But I made a commitment to myself that I’d go out and get some kind of foreign-reporting gig, and this kind of came up, and I couldn’t say no.”

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