Open Letter to Newseum: Put Student Press on Display!

Dear Newseum,

On a recent trip to Washington D.C., I had pleasure of stopping by your museum of news for a visit.  Two words: Loved it.  Two more words: a lot.  The exhibits are interactive.  A ton of stuff featured is impressively up to date (literally, Sotomayor’s confirmation hearing was playing on the big screen, a compendium of last week’s current events jokes from late night hosts played on a TV nearby, and content and images related to Obama were everywhere). And, for this news junkie, the whole experience was literally, well, fun (three and a half hours of it, which is mega-long for me re: museum time).

One grievance: In your compendium of news history and news NOW, throughout all the exhibits and especially along the wall featuring an assortment of that day’s newspaper front pages the student press is missing. Literally, save for one brief shout-out in a short video I watched, I did not come across any student press mentions at all.  Scholastic and *especially* college journalists have played an incredibly influential role in the history of the field- fighting for freedom of the press, scooping major media on breaking news, paving the way for Journalism 2.0 and 3.0, and covering their individual campuses with distinction.

The student press deserves a spot (multiple spots) in the museum of news. (And I’d be happy to suggest specific ideas!)  For starters, campus newspapers should be featured along with professional newspapers in the gallery of front pages.


A news junkie and impassioned college media advocate

P.S. I first had the idea for this post while walking out of the Newseum.  Huge hat tip though to Nicholas Persac, top editor of The Daily Reveille, for providing the sit-down-and-write-this-thing inspiration, something I’ll explain in a related post later this week.

Me at Newseum

Excitedly posing in the Newseum concourse with a chunk of the Berlin Wall.

2 Responses to “Open Letter to Newseum: Put Student Press on Display!”
  1. You should truly write a letter to the Newseum and get working on this. I would love to see them collaborate with you to get some important college news history on display.