Student Press Web Reinventions Continue with Siskiyou Site

A brand new Siskiyou is coming to a world wide web near you this fall, courtesy of a student journalist brave enough to act upon her recognition that the time for change had come.

As The Mail Tribune recently reported, the digital edition of The Siskiyou student newspaper at Southern Oregon University will soon be unveiling a killer new site.  Interestingly, it seems the paper’s soon-to-launch Web reinvention was spearheaded by a single SOU undergrad, Johanna Thompson, who served this past year as Siskiyou editor in chief.

Screenshot of the current Siskiyou site

Screenshot of the current Siskiyou site

While obviously waiting to pass final judgment until the site goes live, what I already like about the story is that its most positive message is not about the outcome.  Regardless of the new site’s relative awesomeness, the real trend I’m seeing emerging is a student press contingent who are much more willing to abandon the status quo, throw caution to the wind, and attempt to boldly reimagine everything they had previously known about the media outlet in their stead.  (See my related post on the award-winning reinvention of The Collegian site at the University of Richmond.)

I turn to the words of journalist and blogger extraordinaire Will Sullivan, who previously expressed certainty that college journalists’ online betterment overall will be the bread-and-butter of Journalism 2.0’s survival.  As he advised j-students, “College is one of the few times in your career that you can try something totally wacky, fail and it won’t really set you back or ruin your career. Try alternative story forms. Learn new technologies. Break the mold of traditional journalism. Your generation and its ability to innovate will save the craft.”

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