UF’s John Wright Officially Becomes “Coolest Dean Ever” :)

John Wright, dean of the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida, is now officially the coolest dean ever.

In a recent post detailing a UF student’s unfortunate spate of plagiarism, I mentioned being suitably impressed that Wright communicated his initial reaction, in part, through a status update on his Facebook account.  As I stated at the time, in my humble opinion, “[I]f Wright also tweets, he is officially nominated for “The Coolest Dean … Ever Award.'”

Yesterday, the Web administrator for the UF CJC announced on the UFJSchool Twitter account: “Welcoming @jwright721 to Twitter. According to one blogger last week, this now makes him the ‘coolest dean ever.'”

I am proud to say I am that blogger.  And I hereby confirm Wright’s ascendancy to “coolest dean . . . ever” status and seriously wish him well on his Twitter journey.  As his opening tweet hungrily announced, “On my way to the Swamp for lunch.”

Coolest Dean Ever

4 Responses to “UF’s John Wright Officially Becomes “Coolest Dean Ever” :)”
  1. Greg Linch says:

    There are a few j-school/com school deans on Twitter, but they’ve only updated a few times:

    UNC Chapel Hill

    University of Miami (my alma mater)

    Excluding any assistant deans (because @sreenet would win, hands down), I’d say Geneva Overholser wins the deans-on-Twitter category:


    As for coolest dean ever, I’m pretty biased towards Grogg.

  2. Greg Linch says:

    Just found another one, UNL’s dean:


  3. Dan Reimold says:

    Greg- Good to hear from you. Your nominations are well taken! Now the second question: Do these individuals also have active facebook profiles in which they communicate with students and their faculty charges? The FB profile is what originally pushed Wright to the ‘coolest ever’ forefront.

  4. Greg Linch says:

    A good question! But I’m not friends with any except Grogg and the other profiles are not public, so I can’t tell.