Student Photography Portfolio Site Truly Eye-Opening

It is the rarest of rarities: a student portfolio site I actually enjoyed looking at and clicking through- and felt the desire to share with others.

Sam Kang Li is a fantastic photographer.   He is, in his words, “usually reserved and quiet among strangers.  Put a camera in my hand and I become a different person.   Photography is my way of engaging the world.”  He was a student of mine last semester and is the very worthy valedictorian of this year’s graduating class from Nanyang Technological University’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information.

Sam Kang Li Portfolio

He has put together a top-notch portfolio site displaying his photography and Web work in four countries and a link to his blog.  It’s appropratiately visual, conceptually creative without being out there, easy to navigate, and leaves you feeling impressed with a show-don’t-tell approach that does not beat you over the head with statements like “Hi, I rock.  Here’s how…”

Every student who wants to work in media should put together an online portfolio.  But simply having one is not enough.  And most of the ones I’m sent or come across organically are, well, self-centered crapola.  Kang Li has created a worthy exception, one worth checking out and emulating in spirit.

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