Happy News: PSU Daily Collegian News Adviser Reinstated

The weeks-long drama swirling in State College centered on the sudden dismissal of Daily Collegian news adviser John Harvey ended happily earlier this month.  As the newspaper reported, the publication’s board reversed the decision of its general manager, granting Harvey his old job and office, which he moved back into right away.

Harvey’s words: “We need to reconcile now and get together. It shouldn’t be about the people who teach the students. It should be about the students, themselves. . . . I just want to go back to the backstage and be an adviser again.”

Statement by paper’s Alumni Interest Group: “The Collegian Alumni Interest Group commends the board of directors of Collegian Inc. for its reinstatement of news adviser John Harvey, a decision that is not only just, but in the best interest of the students and future of the Collegian. The AIG also lauds the board’s decision to revise the Collegian‘s bylaws and looks forward to working with the board to support this and other needed changes. [This] decision is the first step in an important process to strengthen the Collegian and ensure it remains both financially viable and student-centered.”

Comment from a friend/Daily Collegian veteran: [T]here’s a lot of simmering stuff in the background still, and issues to be resolved.”

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