Alternative Student Press Strong, Growing, Especially Online

A  great new piece by Kate Maternowski in the most recent Student Press Law Center Report documents the continued strength of alternative student publications at campuses across the U.S.  (Full disclosure: I’m quoted in the piece.)

In her words: “As mainstream student media across the country fight censorship battles with their school administrations, alternative publications are popping up in steady numbers in response to their own disfavored symbols of authority— official student newspapers. Often utilizing the newest and most innovative means to broadcast their views, student journalists at alternative campus publications are finding a fertile landscape of both resources and audiences.”

She touches on two of the latest and greatest entrants into the indy game: NYU Local (previous post of mine here) and Student Newspaper at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (previous post of mine here).  (Also check out the CMM Student Journalist Spotlight for Q&As with editors of both outlets.)  Additionally, Maternowski rightly mentions the two main political organizations acting as backers for liberal and conservative pubs: Campus Progress and The Collegiate Network (see screenshots of the homepages for both orgs below).

The Collegiate Network

Campus Progress

The alt/indy student press is a personal research passion of mine, something I’ve published, presented, and blogged about since 2007.  As I’m quoted in this piece: “The alternative student press is a spectacular complement to the mainstream student press. It is innovative. It is influential. It is an essential part of journalism’s reinvention. And it is here to stay.”

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