Michael Jackson Death Coverage NOT a New Media Triumph

Every major breaking story nowadays comes with a seemingly instant meta-analysis of how new media have fared while impacting the story’s coverage. Case in point: a CNN piece about the Michael Jackson death gossip-mongering news coverage.

My take: This

Alternative Student Press Strong, Growing, Especially Online

A  great new piece by Kate Maternowski in the most recent Student Press Law Center Report documents the continued strength of alternative student publications at campuses across the U.S.  (Full disclosure: I’m quoted in the piece.)

In …

Michigan Daily, Time to Step Up, Due to the (Lack of) Competition

The Ann Arbor News will cease being a daily newspaper starting in late July, according to a new Poynter report.  It will reemerge as a more svelte online-only operation publishing a print paper twice a week.  The reason …

J-Student Spotlight: Katelyn Polantz, Univ. of Pittsburgh, UWIRE 100

Katelyn Polantz once went on a liquid diet as a college freshman.  It lasted a week.  She fell in love with journalism as a sophomore.  It appears this love will last a lifetime.

As editor in chief of The

Iran, Journalism Schools, and Social Media: Links for 22-06-2009

Example of Student Press Coverage of the Iranian Revolution: “UI Student Sees History Unfold in Iran”   (Daily Iowan, via UWire)

10 Ways Journalism Schools Are Teaching Social Media”   (Mashable)

NYU Local Founder Cody Brown Tackles Batch vs. Real Time News Process and the New York Times

Let’s be honest: We’re all jealous of Cody Brown.  The guy oozes Kobe Bryant-Bono-Obama-level cool.  He founded and runs NYU Local, the raddest student media site in Manhattan.  He also has a laugh-out-loud awesome Flash mugshot of himself

College Radio Making Most of Digital Transition

The turntables are still turning, new podcasts are humming, indie bands are still being discovered, and social networking is drawing in new listeners at college radio stations worldwide.  According to a new Chicago Daily Herald piece (a localized version of …

Should Indy Student Photographer Have Legal Protection?

A student unaffiliated with any campus or professional media outlet is arguing that the photos he took of a crime scene last April cannot be confiscated by police.  Why?  According to a report in the San Jose Mercury News, …

J-Student Spotlight: Julie Steinberg, Univ. of Pennsylvania, UWIRE 100

Julie Steinberg digs former U.S. President Martin Van Buren.  “I think he is underrated and deserves credit for his sideburns,” she said.  “I have no idea what he did politically.”

Van Buren was a chief architect of the …

Report: Journalism Grad Students Getting Jobs . . . in Journalism

A new Daily Finance report confirms that a very healthy number of journalism students earning degrees from graduate programs at Columbia University and City University of New York are finding jobs in the j-field.  “As bad as things are in …

Richmond Paper’s Web Site an Online News Revolution

The online news revolution at The Collegian is built atop “Revolution News.” Beginning in summer 2008, staffers at the University of Richmond student newspaper tweaked, twiddled, and reconfigured the “Revolution News” WordPress template into an innovative, multimediated mix that recently …

Student Newspaper Dropping to Twice a Week in Print

The Western Herald at Western Michigan University is cutting two days per week from its print publication schedule,  a cost-cutting, future-focused move I imagine I will be writing about a lot this summer. 

As The Kalamazoo Gazette reports, …

College Radio Could Go Quiet if Royalty Bill Passes

College radio stations will be hurting- and some might even be forced to go quiet- with the passage of new legislation requiring non-commercial stations to pay music royalty fees and deliver regular music reports.

As The Daily Texan dutifully

Daily Collegian Editorial Board Publicly Supports Fired News Adviser

The editorial board of The Daily Collegian at Penn State University has published a statement of support for recently fired news adviser John Harvey.  As I wrote recently, Harvey was let go abruptly earlier this month, leaving many of …

Student Newspaper at Oregon State Claims Limited Campus Distribution is Censorship

The Liberty, an independent student newspaper at Oregon State University, has plastered the word CENSORSHIP on the front page of its current issue.  The reason behind the latest use of the big C within collegemediatopia is interesting: Liberty editors …