Student Newspapers: “From Printing Press to the Morgue”?

According to the j-student shown below, the photo was taken in fun: half journalist, half-zombie, a sort of “Night of The Living Deadline.”

Journalist Zombie

The student is a staffer at The Ryersonian, a student newspaper at Toronto’s Ryerson University.  In a blog about the picture, she admits the spoof also contains a bit too much truth about a student print press that is stuck between life and death.  It is a journey, she writes, “from the printing press to the morgue“:

Once upon a golden time, the average masthead was about 15 people strong. [Now, there are five staffers.] Granted, this was at a time when . . . online journalism and bloggers had yet to ravage the industry, making newspapers shift gears to Internet-based newspapers and mobile updates in a desperate bid to remain relevant and competitive. And students obviously following suit. Not that I mind this; I’m obviously a blogger. I’m interested in online journalism. It’s just that it makes life hell for the kids in the newspaper stream. The numbers are diminishing. Consequently, we each have at least two jobs (i.e. managing editor and photos), which kills the quality of our product. So hence the zombie.

One Response to “Student Newspapers: “From Printing Press to the Morgue”?”
  1. Ames says:

    Night of the Living Deadline …

    That’s exactly what we were going for in that shoot. Well said.