Journalist Tells J-Student: Get Out While You Still Can! :(

It is official: Journalists are telling j-students to STAY AWAY from the profession, for their own sake.  In a new “Help Wanted” blog for UWIRE, recent j-grad John Sutton writes that a former internship mentor is less-than-keen on his enthusiasm for joining the newspaper biz:


Even one of my primary contacts in the job search, Mariel Hart, a Web producer for The Record, in Bergen County in New Jersey, where I interned last summer, has been encouraging me try and find jobs in another industry. When I met her for an alumni gathering in Syracuse she talked about how proud she was of another student for finding a job in public relations. She told me to not lose three years of my professional life to journalism– something I might be passionate about– only to leave.

What do sentiments like this mean for students aspiring to be journalists? I admit, reading Sutton’s post depressed me more than most journapocalyptic statements and predictions.  (I’m officially laying claim to coining the term journapocalyptic.)

A lot of us in academia endlessly spout out optimistic predictions about journalism’s future as a field in which many can maintain full-time jobs.  The truth is, while hoping for the best, we have no clue what is going to happen. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or spewing an especially gaseous amount of BS.

I do like Sutton’s resolve upon receiving the get-out-while-you-still-can advice: “[H]onestly, PR has no pull for me. I would not be happy there, it just isn’t for me.”  Maybe it will be resolve like this that will save the craft.  (Stop rolling your eyes– I’m trying to end on a positive note.)

2 Responses to “Journalist Tells J-Student: Get Out While You Still Can! :(”
  1. I’m slightly amazed this is the first time I’ve read of older hands warning the youngsters to get out… surely this must have happened before now?

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