Daily Collegian News Adviser Fired, Penn State Alumni Livid

A note I just received from a trusted source with intimate knowledge of Penn State’s Daily Collegian, one of the best student papers within collegemediatopia:

“Yesterday at 3:30 p.m., the [Daily Collegian‘s] longtime news adviser, John Harvey, was fired.  Most people seem to think this is a personal vendetta thing involving the newspaper’s General Manager Gerry Hamilton.  Within hours, word got out (we’re journalists, come on) and there is a growing Facebook group called Support John Harvey.  Alumni are livid, and it really puts the paper in a bad situation- you don’t want instability when you are already having financial problems.  It ruins the major fund-raising campaign we were starting, which had the goal of supporting scholarship grants to Collegian students.”

The newspaper’s Alumni Interest Group (AIG) has already fired the first retaliatory shot, calling for a reinstatement of Harvey and a larger look at what are obviously some cracks in the paper’s decision-making structure:

The Daily Collegian AIG strongly protests the dismissal of Mr. John Harvey. The AIG board asks that the board of directors reverse John Harvey’s dismissal and, further, that the board of directors takes a more active role in overseein the Collegian‘s operations so that it can resume its proper role of educating and training student journalists.  The AIG board further asks that the board take a close look at the way the Collegian has been managed.  The Daily Collegian AIG will place a moratorium on its fundraising efforts in support of the Collegian until the AIG board is satisfied that Collegian Inc. is moving in a direction the AIG can support.”

I’m working to find out more about the situation (anyone with info, please write me ASAP at dreimold@gmail.com).  I will say this at the outset, to the individual or group who canned Harvey: Anyone fortunate enough to hang a diploma bearing the initials PSU knows that The Daily Collegian has defined editorial excellence and zealousness for longer than Joe Paterno has been alive.   You better have a ridonkulously good reason for getting rid of a man (and an actual film star!) so respected by those who worked under him or you’re going to suffer the wrath of a thousand angry Collegianites.  They know how to use the media to their advantage.  They know how to uncover the truth.  And from the looks of it, they’re hungry.

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