Student Activism Site Offers Daily Glimpse Into Important Part of Campus Life

Student journalism and student activism have a long, tangled relationship- sort of like Sabretooth and Wolverine, without the gnarly teeth and Hugh Jackman’s pecs.  Anyone involved or interested in one should have a healthy respect for, and knowledge of, the other. 

A few large-scale, chaotic, ending-with-arrests student protests have played out as of late on U.S. campuses.  In turn, there have been countless reports questioning whether they signal a return to ’60s-’70s-era undergrad dissension or a rebirth of the student activist.

Those pieces make me vomit in my mouth mainly because they rest on two erroneous assumptions: 1) Student-initiated activism has been absent from campus life over the past 40 years.  2) Activism = only mega-huge street protests or out-of-control peace marches.  The truth is that activism has long been alive and well within academia, on the much-publicized and everyday levels. 

In recent years, it has also been increasingly covered like a daily reporting beat. My favorite student activist beat blog:  This bad-boy is updated daily- even multiple times daily.  It is NOT an activist promoter or backed by a political org of any sort.  It’s written by an academic with a healthy passion for, and uber-knowledge about, student activism throughout history.  It has a nicely objective slant and periodically discusses the step-brotherly relationship between student activism and student journalism.   The headline of one recent related post, “Georgia Student Govt Slashes Funding of Student Paper that Mocked Frats.”

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