Student Editor: “This Isn’t How the Rocky Mountain News and Post-Intelligencer Died”

Editors at The Stentor student newspaper at Chicago’s Lake Forest College launched an editorial comeback to the LFC administration’s recent decision to no longer employ the paper’s adviser.  The purported reason, as you might guess, is what the college president calls “budget stress.”  

Stentor staffers are not buying- citing a mega-huge, $17-million sports complex being erected on campus as proof that the decision is not based on stress as much as priorities.  They equate the expendability with which the school views the adviser as possibly the first step in a slow picking-apart of the student media outlet, leaving it to suffer a worse fate than even some of the hardest-hit professional j-operations: 

Perhaps, at this point, given our track record of pushing the accepted boundaries to offer our readers real news, the College administrators don’t want The Stentor to be anything more than a stack of press releases disguised as a newspaper.  And if that’s how they want the 122-year-old Stentor to shut down, they will have dismantled our operation to the point that they will get exactly that.  This isn’t how the Rocky Mountain News and Post-Intelligencer died.   This is worse.

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