iPod, iPhone To Be RequIred (Sort of) at MIzzou J-School

Forget notebooks, textbooks, pens, pencils, cell phones, laptops, Kindles, and possibly even in-class attendance.  The future of j-education, according to the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri, begins with the letter i.  

The school is encouraging j-students to purchase either or both an iPod touch and an iPhone to complement or substitute for certain tools and techniques through which they are currently learning the craft.  (The school is technically ‘requiring’ it but apparently that’s in name only- ensuring students can declare it on financial need statements.  No one will be penalized for being unable or choosing not to purchase the devices.)

Why go the i route?  A Columbia Missourian story on the requirement does not really say, other than featuring a random quote from the school’s associate dean: “Lectures are the worst possible learning format.  There’s been some research done that shows if a student can hear that lecture a second time, they retain three times as much of that lecture.”  There’s no follow-up, so I’m left to wonder: Is he saying all lectures should be recorded now by students?  I can imagine a future class playing Texas Hold ‘Em to determine which unlucky student has to actually attend a session to record the lecture for everyone else who wants to sleep in instead and listen to it later. :)

A Facebook group called “Rotten Apple” has sprung up in opposition to a few aspects of the iPlan.  My quick take: In general, embracing the necessity of new media gadgetry in the production and presentation of modern news is a good thing.  I do not believe that requiring one brand over another is really the way to go though, especially as it seems there are no special bulk discounts available for i-buying students.  I’m sure in a few years this will all be irrelevant, as everyone’s cell phones will be killer-apped-out (iPhone or not) and laptops will be even smaller, sleeker, more mobile, and must-have than ever.

4 Responses to “iPod, iPhone To Be RequIred (Sort of) at MIzzou J-School”
  1. Faber says:

    Steve Job’s new computer will eventually evolve after this initial over-hype launch during it’s launch. The touch screen and Apple’s potential to fix hardware will start to make the iTablet a monster in the time ahead.

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