Did Condoleezza Rice Disrespect College Journalist?

The words are literally cringe-inducing: “No dear, no dear, you’re wrong.”  The words escaped the lips of former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice during a recent interview with a j-student at Stanford University.  As captured on video, Rice’s ‘no dear’ comment, related finger-pointing, and general you’re-so-naive tone has some wondering if she treated her interviewer like a second-class journalist because of his student status.  



A j-student at the University of Maryland: “Personally, I’m offended by the fact that Rice said ‘no, dear’ at one point, as if a college journalist is a less intelligent version of a real journalist.  Also, she evaded questions and instead brought up other topics the student wasn’t asking about, and then berated him for not knowing facts (‘do your homework’) that he didn’t have to know because they weren’t relevant to the questions he was asking.”


Check out the video.  The “no dear” bit plays out about four minutes in.  What do you think?  Is Rice out of line, or is the questioner over-reaching?

One Response to “Did Condoleezza Rice Disrespect College Journalist?”
  1. codyvbrowb says:

    This is an effective tactic to get him to shut up in person but when it’s recorded and blasted around the internet, Condi is the one who looks like the student.