Student: “Forget the Web; I Want to Read a Newspaper”

Forget the e-reader! :)  At least one college student is still singing print newspaper’s praises, via an editorial The DePauw:

Throughout first semester, I woke up early most mornings, mosied to the Hub, and while munching on a bagel, perused the Star– a habit which I’d practiced regularly for many years. Though a small, seemingly insignificant aspect of my day, reading the paper brought me comfort and consistency in a world of change.  . . . Unfortunately, when the Hub re-opened after Christmas break, its supply of papers was never replenished; budget cuts at The Indianapolis Star had resulted in the withdrawal of free newspapers on college campuses, leaving newspaper addicts such as myself at a loss.

As I read more of these personal what-the-newspaper-means-to-me reflections, I am beginning to think they are part of the print news problem.  Now this particular piece is well-written, but there is a folksy quaintness embedded within it and others like about them-there-newspaper-readin’-days that seems out of touch with the current Web world.  I’m all for print news, or at least the continuation of the expansive coverage print news outlets boast, but arguments about missing the old days of moseying up to a cup of Joe and enjoying ink-stained hands is not the way to ensure its survival.  As a society, we certainly do save lots of remnants of our past: They’re called artifacts, and they’re housed in museums.

Let’s admit the days of consistency in newspaper reading, if not soon kaput, are at least evolving.  We should focus now instead on how best to integrate our old habits into the new media age.

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