Community College Students Fight to Save Print Paper

Students at a California community college are fighting to save the print edition of the school’s student newspaper (and the class that produces it).  Their comments provide added ammo in the ongoing print-online fight.   — Again, j-students and educators cite student readers’ preference for print news; the online edition’s status as a content provider […]

Student Journalism “On Life Support” in UK

I promise to present some cheery news soon.  As it stands, the reports and asides coming in recently have competed for the title of bleakest.  The latest is awfully bloody bad news for student newspapers across the pond.  According to a new nationwide survey, campus papers in England are suffering crisis-level cash flow problems. — […]

J-Student Spotlight: Jake Donahue, North Idaho College, UWIRE 100

Jake Donahue loves Little League.  He has coached five Little League baseball, three basketball, and three soccer teams, amassing an above-.500 won-loss record and a not-so-secret desire to serve as a high school or small college athletic director.  He also just may be the country’s most talented young news designer.   — Colleagues who served […]

Student Newspapers: “From Printing Press to the Morgue”?

According to the j-student shown below, the photo was taken in fun: half journalist, half-zombie, a sort of “Night of The Living Deadline.” — — The student is a staffer at The Ryersonian, a student newspaper at Toronto’s Ryerson University.  In a blog about the picture, she admits the spoof also contains a bit too […]

Journalist Tells J-Student: Get Out While You Still Can! :(

It is official: Journalists are telling j-students to STAY AWAY from the profession, for their own sake.  In a new “Help Wanted” blog for UWIRE, recent j-grad John Sutton writes that a former internship mentor is less-than-keen on his enthusiasm for joining the newspaper biz: —  Even one of my primary contacts in the job […]

Daily Collegian News Adviser Fired, Penn State Alumni Livid

A note I just received from a trusted source with intimate knowledge of Penn State’s Daily Collegian, one of the best student papers within collegemediatopia: — “Yesterday at 3:30 p.m., the [Daily Collegian‘s] longtime news adviser, John Harvey, was fired.  Most people seem to think this is a personal vendetta thing involving the newspaper’s General […]

College Media Teachable Moment: What did Michael Phelps *Really* Say?

The video does not lie.  In video of a post-race interview with uber-Olympian Michael Phelps streaming at, Phelps offers a brief assessment of his performance.  The most interesting part of the video: The words uttered by Phelps on video and the words attributed to him in quotes in the story beneath it are not […]

Harvard Crimson Staffers Avoiding Journalism Upon Graduation

The media and blogosphere have picked up on and overexuberantly parsed recent news that a majority of the graduating seniors sitting on The Harvard Crimson‘s executive board are NOT looking to pursue a journalism career.  Their collective decision is seemingly being heralded as yet one more small-scale sign that the journalism apocalypse is upon us. […]

College Media Teachable Moment: Maureen Dowd’s “Plagiarism”

Liberals are cringing and conservatives gallivanting with glee at the plagiarism charge being levied against New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd.  She has admitted that a paragraph-long sentence in her most recent column matches a sentence penned by a prominent Huffington Post blogger almost exactly. She claims the mix-up came from a friend spouting the […]

Collegemediatopia: A Comic Adventure, Episode #4

Student Activism Site Offers Daily Glimpse Into Important Part of Campus Life

Student journalism and student activism have a long, tangled relationship- sort of like Sabretooth and Wolverine, without the gnarly teeth and Hugh Jackman’s pecs.  Anyone involved or interested in one should have a healthy respect for, and knowledge of, the other.  — A few large-scale, chaotic, ending-with-arrests student protests have played out as of late […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Meredith Shiner, Duke Univ., UWIRE 100

Meredith Shiner is an über-sports-hound and Chi-town gal at heart.  In her words, “As an unapologetic White Sox fan who grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, my high school superlative was, ‘Most Likely to Start a Brawl at a Cubs/Sox Game.’” — As a sports reporter, columnist, and editor at The Chronicle at Duke University, Shiner […]

Student Media Spotlight Loses Luster for Some Alums

A growing number of university alumni are attempting to put their more personal, unprofessional or cringe-worthy moments in the student media spotlight behind them.   — According to a new report in The Chronicle of Higher Education*,  some alums  are asking SMOs (student media outlets) to remove articles from their online archives that they say […]

Student Media’s Next Stop Should Be the Statehouse

Attention, attention please.  Paging student media.  You are needed in the state house immediately.  — Amid all the talk and snippets of action as to how college journalism can save the Fourth Estate or at least help ease its decline (such as thefirst university-based investigative journalism center, attempts at international news coverage by j-students at Suffolk, Swarthmore, […]

Minnesota Daily Editor in Chief Resigns Amid Suspension

A sad turn of events at the top of The Minnesota Daily editorial food chain: The EIC, who doubles as one of the student paper’s co-publishers, resigned late last week, most likely just before he would have been fired. — The mini-saga, as it was admirably reported by the Daily seemingly objectively, played out in […]