Lantern Going Dark on Fridays at Ohio State

The Lantern at Ohio State University will shutter its Friday print edition come fall, joining the growing number of TGI F-ed student papers nationwide (via The Paper Trail).

As summed up by a staffer, the recent story of The Lantern has been bleak: “More than three years ago, The Lantern cut circulation from 28,000 to 15,000. Last summer the paper ended its print publication, and in fall 2009, the Friday print edition will be eliminated.”

Amid the darkness, there is a slight print-and-ink bright spot: The A&E section has recently expanded into its own weekly edition, called btw, which has enjoyed much-needed ad growth so far.

4 Responses to “Lantern Going Dark on Fridays at Ohio State”
  1. We only publish one Fridays! But this year, we’re going from a mix of 20 and 16 page editions to 16 only. And instead of splitting it up evenly amongst the sections, we’re now running 5 pages of news, 3 pages of Opinions, 4 pages of Life & Arts and 4 pages of Sports.

  2. Dan Reimold says:

    I’m curious about the section page-splits specifically: Is there a push for more Life & Arts pages or a seemingly greater interest among students? As you can imagine, it seems to be the one bright spot within the print press’s ad revenue stream.

  3. Dunno. It’s not a revenue thing for us. We’re just a small campus with a lot of interesting stuff going on in terms of arts and culture and so we want to cover a lot of that sort of thing.

    And if you look at weeks where we used to do 20p issue, it’s actually a reduction in pages. We used to have 5 pages per section on those weeks, but we’ve cut L&A to 4.

  4. But I think at larger schools that cover more than just events around their campus (we tend to hyper focus on L&A on campus and tend to skip the movie reviews and that sort of thing) an increase in coverage of culture has a lot to do with our obsession with the creative media and with pop culture.