UWIRE 100: Honoring College Media Cream of the Crop

99 + 1.  1,000 – 900.  10 x 10.   300 / 3.  Any way you add, subtract, multiply or divide it, the answer is the same: 100.  It is fast becoming the most famous number in collegemediatopia, especially when attached to UWIRE, an evermore iconic brand name.  

The 2009 edition of the UWIRE 100 has gone public, sporting the now-familiar mugshot motley crew of college journalists and media innovators.  Why are the select few featured below smiling?  Because they just joined the college media eliterati, an esteemed cream of the crop whose names are now synonymous with student journalism excellence.  (Say it with a prolonged pause between each word for greater dramatic effect.) 


The UWIRE team’s meticulous selection process and possibly multiple sleepless nights winnowed more than 800 applicants down to the final hundred. There are eight repeat nominees, those showing up on both the ’08 and ’09 lists. Sixty nine schools are represented, with the University of Kansas boasting the most featured j-students from a single university.  A more unofficial mugshot survey reveals 65 men and 35 women; at least 15 who wear glasses; and at least five who appear to be daydreaming in CSS code during the moment their photos were taken. :-)   

Joe Weasel, new UWIRE CEO: “This is a remarkable group of journalists.  Each has made a significant impact on the field already- they are talented, hard workers and gifted storytellers.  Each was nominated by their peers and advisers, who recognized their potential to shape the ever-changing media industry in the coming years.” 

Special kudos to j-student extraordinaires (and those CMM proudly nominated, surely along with a few other supporters) Daniel Bachhuber, Jackie Hai, and Georgia Perry.

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