Should Marijuana Column Stay or Get Off The Pot?

A marijuana-themed column chiseled together by an admitted student stoner since fall 2008 in The Tufts Observer has the magazine’s public editor (journalistically) paranoid about the precedent. 


“Going Green,” a column about pot, potheads, pot culture, and the pot legalization fight, is a regular Observer feature, written by a Tufts student using the pseudonym Reggie Hubbard and memorably (and directly) introducing himself in his first piece : “Hi, I’m a pothead.”  As he went on to write:

I originally approached the editor with a pitch for this column because I think marijuana and the culture that surrounds it is no longer at the fringes of our society. It is no longer in jazz-dens and hippie communes. It’s in our homes, our schools, our lives.  The majority of Americans have tried it, and it’s easily available. Campus cops turn a blind eye to its use on certain days and many professors puff. Still, it is the white elephant in the room, a taboo that lead to the construction of a still expanding and, in my opinion, soon the be majority counter-culture.

In the column, Hubbard opines with idealistic sarcasm on topics such as medicinal marijuana, pot’s economic market, and the different ways to use the drug.  As he notes in respect to the latter: “One of the awesome things about weed is how many different ways there are to consume it. Hell, today alone I’ve already smoked from a vaporizer, a small pipe, a $400 bong, and a one-hitter… but I’ve had a hard week.”

In a recent article, the Observer‘s public editor expressed concern that, while it may be legal in students’ minds and hearts (and under Massachusetts law), marijuana is still illegal almost everywhere else nationwide.  Is a related column then basically a promotion of unlawful activity?   Or instead, as he writes, given its presence on campus, “is it a fair representation of the types of issues that are of importance to Tufts students?”

What do you think???

2 Responses to “Should Marijuana Column Stay or Get Off The Pot?”
  1. What about a column that discusses underage drinking as a fact of life? Or a column that advocates for lowering the drinking age?

    I don’t think anyone would so much as bat an eye if someone wrote an editorial about drinking, but if it’s pot, everyone flips out. What gives?

  2. Tom342 says:

    I see no problem with it. I don’t smoke the stuff myself. It is less harmful than alcohol. And there are certainly magazines out there that cater to the casual drinkers and party goers.