Animal Carcasses Strung Up on Editor’s Porch After Anti-Baseball Editorial

This is by far the strangest (and creepiest!) incident I have written about since starting this blog.  I am NOT making this up.  The basics: A section editor of The Collegian student newspaper at Michigan’s Hillsdale College awoke earlier this week to a front porch full of animal carcasses “hung from post to post . . . like holiday lights,” according to Detroit Free Press.

As a Collegian report noted, “Sunlight revealed a scene Hillsdale police patrolman Randy Casler said he’s never witnessed: a slew of dead animals on the porch . . . including one and a half deer, several large rodents and a black goat with alleged gunshot wounds to the head and sternum.”

Now for the kicker: The dead goat’s head held down a copy of a recent issue of the newspaper that carried an editorial sarcastically bashing the college baseball team‘s poor play this season.  Granted, the editorial is a bit mean-spirited, and editors have rightfully apologized.  But for some of the players or a few strong team supporters, the apology was apparently not enough.

In the wee hours of this past Monday morning, a Hillsdale student spotted individuals carrying the dead animals with shovels from an off-campus residence known as “Baseball House” (due to the fact that a bunch of the players live there) to the section editor’s house across the street.  It is unclear why this specific editor was targeted other than the fact that his location was known and convenient.

I asked a j-student here in Singapore to play hard-nosed journalist for a moment after I told her the gist of the story: What is the first question that comes to mind?  Her response, which earned her an ‘A’ for the day: Where the heck did the animals come from?  (According to the Free Press, no one knows as of yet.)

My take: Some editorials frustrate.  Others infuriate.  Most attack rightfully.  A few cross the line.  Permissible reactions run the gamut.  Write a letter to the editor.  Pen a blog post.  Start a competing publication.  Stage a protest.  Arrange a sit-in or a sit-down chat.  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, shoot a goat in the head.

One Response to “Animal Carcasses Strung Up on Editor’s Porch After Anti-Baseball Editorial”
  1. Daphne Maia says:

    i know animal rights activists and the likes are going to picket outside my house after i say this, but really, i’m glad it was a goat and not a human life that was taken.

    on another note, this… is fanaticism at it’s *face-palm* best.