Goodbye Rocky Mountain News, Hello News-Editorial

The big story of 2008-2009 in collegemediatopia: The existence of the first sustained crack in the student press economic bubble.  The big irony of 2008-2009 in collegemediatopia: Against the backdrop of a professional journalism sphere in which jobs, resources, and optimism are down, down, down, journalism school enrollment is up, up, up.

Paul Voakes, the dean of the J&MC school at the University of Colorado, is the latest to note this nationwide (and overseas) j-student surge in a recent e-mail to school alumni: “Ironically, on the day of the Rocky‘s [Rocky Mountain News] last edition, we got word that applications to the School numbered 305, a higher number than we’ve seen in several semesters. And the largest increase? Apps for News-Editorial – the sequence most closely associated with newspapers.”

I have previously opined about possible reasons for this dichotomy.  My gut reaction: I love it.  Now we just have to make sure the news-ed sequences everywhere meets students’ needs.

One Response to “Goodbye Rocky Mountain News, Hello News-Editorial”
  1. Daniel says:

    You might be ignoring the obvious: more people in school because there are less jobs available. Thoughts?