Admissions Office Hides Student Papers with “Craigslist Killer” Stories

The connection of the so-called “Craigslist Killer” to Boston University has been publicly reported worldwide, but the BU Admissions Office would rather not remind potential students and their parents coming to campus for a visit.  Instead, certain admissions staffers have decided to literally hide the free press, removing from public view all issues of The […]

Lantern Going Dark on Fridays at Ohio State

The Lantern at Ohio State University will shutter its Friday print edition come fall, joining the growing number of TGI F-ed student papers nationwide (via The Paper Trail). — As summed up by a staffer, the recent story of The Lantern has been bleak: “More than three years ago, The Lantern cut circulation from 28,000 to 15,000. Last summer […]

Student Newspaper’s New Policy: No Comments Allowed

The Daily Egyptian at Southern Illinois University Carbondale has disabled the comments feature that follows all stories run on its Web site.  In a note to readers (which I first found via UWIRE), top editor Allison Petty wrote that the mean-spirited, at-times slanderous “sexism, racism, immaturity and malice” being posted had overwhelmed the constructive dialogue and left […]

UWIRE 100: Honoring College Media Cream of the Crop

99 + 1.  1,000 – 900.  10 x 10.   300 / 3.  Any way you add, subtract, multiply or divide it, the answer is the same: 100.  It is fast becoming the most famous number in collegemediatopia, especially when attached to UWIRE, an evermore iconic brand name.   — The 2009 edition of the […]

Student Activist Uses Hidden Camera, YouTube to Further Anti-Abortion Cause

A college student activist on an anti-abortion crusade has employed new media (and a bit of acting) to spread her eye-opening message across the World (Wide Web).  Lila Rose, an undergraduate at UCLA, is 20 going on 13 . . . at least that’s the age she pretends to be during the half dozen “sting” […]

Career Prospects, Lord Voldemort, and the Future of College Journalism

The honesty of the lead sentence is almost painful to read.  I both laughed and cringed simultaneously: “I have written this so that I can write in my CV [résumé] that ‘I wrote for the student newspaper’.” — In a recent editorial for The Student Direct at the University of Manchester (the largest campus paper […]

J-Schools Will Play Catchup Forever in New Media Age

While it has been reported with increasing regularity by evermore news media and with ever-greater blogysteria over the past 18 months, the trend apparently did not become real until a few days ago when The New York Times said so: Journalism schools are struggling to stay ahead of the new media curve in planning their […]

Student Paper, J-School Extend Kindness Amid Tragedy

Less than a week ago, Jeff Engelhardt, the managing editor of The Daily Egyptian student newspaper at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, faced one of the most horrific moments imaginable: learning from police that three members of his immediate family had been killed and a fourth was in critical condition.  — Amid tragedy, there is kindness, […]

Minuteman May Be Saved By UMASS Administration

The latest imbroglio involving student press control centers on a conservative resurrection, charges of slander, and a university administration toe-to-toe with its student government.  — The saga began in December 2008, with the re-launch of The Minuteman, a conservative student rag at UMASS, whose aim is to “expose the corruption and wastefulness that seem[s] to […]

Opinion Editor Fired from Student Paper for Her Activism

A student newspaper firing has transformed into a bare-knuckle free-speech slug-fest at Central Connecticut State University, as The Hartford Courant reports. — In one corner: The Recorder, the CCSU student newspaper, which publicly acknowledged removing its opinion editor from her position when her political activism became too public, undermining her ability to do her job and represent the paper […]

Collegemediatopia: A Comic Adventure, Episode #3

Student Journalist Spotlight: Jackie Hai, UMASS Amherst

Jackie Hai is a hybrid- a student journalist extraordinaire with competing interests in (ready for this?) philosophy, anthropology, economics, music, physical discipline, and information technology. Growing up in greater Boston, the UMASS Amherst senior considered careers in archaeology, online game development, film, and music. The news media prevailed, and are the better for it. — […]

Daily Texan Barred From Endorsing Student Candidates

In a political ruling that must have the word ridiculous buried somewhere in its bylaws, the student-led Election Reform Task Force at the University of Texas has barred The Daily Texan from endorsing student candidates.  (Thank you to a friend at UWIRE for the heads-up.) — — Why?  Because the newspaper receives student fees as a minor […]

Daily Nexus: “Why We Need Your Money”

In an old “West Wing” episode (Season 2.4– any other WW-junkies out there?), a leader of an AIDS-stricken African nation tells the President plainly, “It’s a terrible thing to beg for your life.” — Avoiding uber-dramatics, it is clear that the print newspapers peopling collegemediatopia are approaching such  life-saving beggary.  The quote has come to mind numerous times […]

Should Marijuana Column Stay or Get Off The Pot?

A marijuana-themed column chiseled together by an admitted student stoner since fall 2008 in The Tufts Observer has the magazine’s public editor (journalistically) paranoid about the precedent.   — “Going Green,” a column about pot, potheads, pot culture, and the pot legalization fight, is a regular Observer feature, written by a Tufts student using the pseudonym Reggie Hubbard and […]