The Heights is NOT The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The Heights student newspaper at Boston College wants you to know: It is not descending into that great unpublished yonder that is journalistic oblivion.  In its own words, via an editorial published recently, “The Heights isn’t following the fate of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer just yet.”  Take that Newspaper Death Watch!  (Umm, at least for now…)

In the editorial, the paper offers one of those funny this just in … no news here announcements.  It reminds me of the press conferences that general managers in the sports world call to ensure the public that a coach’s job is safe (ironic of course because in the end a statement of confidence in something is typically only made when confidence in something is lacking).

However, the editorial did win me over with two specific confidence motions:

1) “The Heights survived the Great Depression – in fact, its advertising sales increased during the early ’30s – and it will survive the present crisis in the print news industry.”

2) “The Heights‘ raison d’être is the service it provides to this campus, and we promise to do whatever necessary to preserve that. There is something irreplaceable about paging through a newspaper in the morning and something unmatchable about the quality that Stanford University Professor Theodore Glasser claims only the “sustained, systematic coverage that a good newsroom” can generate. A newspaper provides a standard of integrity and ethical journalism that the blogosphere has yet to attain. Furthermore, only a campus newspaper with allegiance only to itself can promise to unapologetically expose truth on the university level.”

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