Hate Speech, Rubber Bands, and the Student Newspaper

Truly disturbing.  A Detroit-based neo-Nazi group spread its anti-everything message recently by rubber-banding fliers around The Daily Chronicle student newspaper at the University of Utah (an image of one of the banded papers is below).  As a Salt Lake City ABC news affiliate reported: “Some [readers] got a flier condemning ‘interracial marriage’ and others got one entitled, ‘Take back America from the Jews.'”


The basic plot: Chronicle issues were stolen.  The fliers were wrapped around them.  And then the rubber-banded stack was delivered one by one to the doorsteps of some Salt Lake City residents.

Chronicle editors have publicly condemned the act and ensured readers the paper was not involved in the theft, fliers, or hateful deliveries.  Truly disturbing- and interesting that even hate groups still respect the power of the print press in spreading their messages.

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