This Just In: Emerald, Publishing Board Reach Agreement

After a much-publicized strike and the resignation of its publishing board head, The Emerald student newspaper and its supervisory board have reached a mediated agreement on the paper’s immediate future.  The basics of the statement, as outlined by the Emerald (sent to CMM and other blogs/media outlets by editor Ashley Chase):

1) A publisher will be hired after a national search.

2) The publisher’s duties will be strictly business-related (i.e. keeping the paper in the black).

3) The Emerald‘s student leadership will retain editorial control of the paper at all times.

4) The publisher will not teach courses in the Oregon University j-school, to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

5) Future bylaws will dictate the board and student staff must smile at each other much more often.  Hugs optional.  :-)

2 Responses to “This Just In: Emerald, Publishing Board Reach Agreement”
  1. Daniel says:

    I still feel as though this is a discussion and decision made from 20 years ago.

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