Non-Prude Parent “Disgusted” by Student Sex Column

A father of a prospective student at the University of West Florida who considers himself “no shrinking violet and certainly not a prude” wrote a letter of moral outrage late last week about a sex column in The Voyager student newspaper penned by “Pixie Gonzalez.”

It is one the funnier anti-sex-in-the-student-press missives I have ever come across.  The man, a father of three who stumbled upon the column in a campus cafeteria after taking his high school senior son on a school tour, started the letter by assuring that he has not written anything like this in the past: “I DON’T DO THIS! But I was so shocked and disgusted by what your newspaper chose to publish.”

As he went on to note:

What possible editorial and journalistic motive was there for printing such trash- was this opinion piece meant to elevate the discussion on sex, excess drinking, drug use or STD’s on college campuses? . . . We also learn from this enlightened young lady that having “lady parts” will not make a girl psycho if you have good old casual sex and that we, as men, need to “loosen up a bit … and give vagina’s a chance.” Girls at UWF want what Pixie wants- “a belly full of beer, a taquito from Whataburger and an orgasm.” UNBELIEVABLE!!! . . . My 18 year old obviously was shocked but more concerned that his mother and I would never allow him to attend a University that would publish such trash.

Oh, dearest proudly non-prude parent, please understand five things:

1) The student newspaper is editorially independent.  Call it UNBELIEVABLE.  Call it trash.  But keep the blame to the paper, not the school.  The only thing to which the school is guilty is upholding students’ free press/free speech rights.

2) It is called sarcasm, satire, even a dash of sensationalism.  Google them now.  Then go back to shrinking violets.

3) Read campus newspapers all you want.  Learn from them.  React to them.  But remember, they are not published for you.

4) In the end, it is all about perspective.  You dislike Pixie.  By contrast, a comment underneath one of Pixie’s recent columns online: “Pithy, honest, and hilarious. Everything I want in a column like this!”

5) Finally, a non-prude alert!  Many student newspapers at U.S. and Canadian universities have sex columns.  So be careful flipping through the paper on your next campus tour. :-)

4 Responses to “Non-Prude Parent “Disgusted” by Student Sex Column”
  1. gerry says:

    What a Great blog!Kudos!

  2. Tony says:

    I’ve worked on a college campus for 15 years and have seen my share of sex controversies in the student newspaper. Our cartoonist was Darrin Shock (now a pro) who weekly depicted such things as the university president sodomizing his son on the president’s desk.

    I have come to realize, however, that student journalists publish these no-holds-barred sex columns, cartoons, etc., because 1) they are immature, 2) they are swimming in hormones, and 3) for the first time in their lives they can.

    They also write sanctimonious, uninformed opinion columns, “expose” items in the budget they don’t comprehend, and go on and on about their juvenile, boring concerns.

    The only way to “beat” these people who “want to change the world” is to ignore them entirely.

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