Student Paper Files Police Report About Theft … By Police

Drug trafficking and newspaper theft sadly aligned at MIT earlier this week when 400 copies of The Tech student newspaper (one of the oldest in the country) were found dumped in two separate recycling bins on campus.  The kicker, as The Tech later reported: The issues were ‘recycled’ by campus police who were either protesting or protecting one of their own.

The issue in question featured a front page story on the arrest of a fellow campus police officer for trafficking prescription painkillers (see screenshot of front page above).

The one bit of happy news for collegemediatopia in all this: Campus officials are appearing to take the crime uber-seriously, placing the officers on unpaid administrative leave and conducting a full investigation (literally with photos and interviews).  The campus police chief: “I can’t emphasize how seriously we take this [the newspaper trashing].  This was incredibly egregious.”

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