5 Days Left to Nominate All-Star J-Students for UWIRE 100

Please note: The final extended deadline for the esteemed UWIRE 100 student journalist honor is March 25th.  The UWIRE 100 is an annual talent pool of the top j-students worldwide.

According to UWIRE, those who fit the bill include j-students whose names serve as the answers to the following questions: “Know a reporter who scoops the national press? A copy editor who catches the most obscure grammar errors? A designer whose images leap off of the pages? A blogger who is pushing industry boundaries? Or a broadcaster who never misses a line?”

It is the closest thing collegemediatopia has to an all-star team.  I have nominated a few j-students whom I think are especially worthy.  Be sure to join in the fun and nominate someone you admire journalistically ASAP.  You can even nominate yourself (you self-centered j-student you). :-)


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