Emerald Strike Watch: “Harmony . . . on Horizon”

This just in:

1) The strike is over, at least for now.

2) “Harmony, connectedness, [and] friendship” are being sought between the Emerald student staff and the paper’s board of directors, via talks starting next week to be overseen by an approved outside professional mediator.

3) A “more or less real” Emerald is set to return to campus newsstands on Monday.

4) Staff report that “after two sleepless days, we can return to our beds.”

5) Dr. Tim Gleason, dean of OU’s School of Journalism and Communication, mulls the creation of a new fall course, “Student Press: Harmony, Connectedness, Friendship.”  :-)   (Seriously though, so far, job well done, sir!)

3 Responses to “Emerald Strike Watch: “Harmony . . . on Horizon””
  1. oldschoolnewmedia says:

    Lots of great coverage! Thank you for keeping us informed.
    I’m fascinated by the idea of this new class on the student press. I think it’s a fantastic idea. I haven’t been able to find more information on that anywhere. Did Dean Gleason post it somewhere that I’ve missed? I’d love to read more about it.
    Thanks again for your great work.

  2. Dan Reimold says:

    Thanks for your note. :) Sorry for confusion about the class- completely sarcastic! Just a nod to the header of the most recent post on the Emerald’s strike blog and Dr. Gleason’s oversight in bringing things toward a favorable conclusion.

  3. oldschoolnewmedia says:

    My bad. Thank you for clearing that up! (Good thing none of this is written in front of anybody…)
    Keep up the great work!