Emerald Strike Watch: Bigger Picture Thoughts

College journalist extraordinaire Daniel Bachhuber, a University of Oregon student and ex-Emerald staffer, shares some important bigger-picture thoughts (and those of a colleague) about collegemediatopia’s first major strike in the social networking era.

His premise: The fight is not really about possible editorial control.  It’s about the Emerald‘s future.  The paper is apparently hurting financially and needs a fresh voice/guiding hand to ease it away from the institutional inertia plaguing the press worldwide.  Obviously, the factions responsible for deciding how best to proceed are at an impasse.  What’s the proper course of action?  At this point, in Bacchuber’s opinion, a strike is a step too far.

So is the strike more than a free press battle?  Is it possibly also a symbol of the breaking point between the old (media) Emerald and new?

The question I admit I’m left with as I read through related news reports: What is the publisher supposed to do that the general manager is not/was not doing?

One Response to “Emerald Strike Watch: Bigger Picture Thoughts”
  1. Daniel says:

    Could be a breaking point, or implosion point.